Pulling Out The Roots

This is the Questionnaire to help us get to the root of the problem.  Just as when you remove weeds from your garden, you don't just cut the weeds off at the top- conversely for best effects for your weed cleanup, you'll want to dig it all out.... including the deep roots.

Emotional traumas and blocks settle in layers, which is why close follow up sessions are important to help remove as much as possible.  This resembles when removing physical knots in the body, follow-up sessions are best to help remove those deeply embedded knots found in the lower layers of the fascia.

Fill this form out when you are not rushed and when you have time to notice, observe, and feel every emotion and thought from that incident. It is this act of witnessing that will help you grow in your healing and clearing process. This simple witnessing, this observing action alone by you will help you greatly.

Do not let any emotion go unnoticed.  Look at them. Feel them deeply, love them, let them finally surface so they can leave. They are energy- and energy always prefers to be a state of movement and motion- not stagnant and locked in.

When I first started removing emotions from my Self, I would sit and recall each incident. I would imagine the emotions from them leaving my body. It got to the point where I could actually feel a stream of movement, energy rushing through my arms and out of my hands. I actually felt the energy, in  actual physical form, leaving my arms !

Many people do not allow their emotions to move, and instead they hold the emotions deep down inside - controlling them. That only causes the emotions to show up as pain, disease, and illness in the physical body...because these emotions are 'alive' and will not accept being held hostage and they will start "knocking on your door", and that will hurt, lol. Let them free, let them go, allow then to leave your body and send them love as they drift away and out. Imagination is real, so imagine all this happening and feel it happening.

Also remember to watch your thoughts, Any thought that enters your mind- look at what it is saying, reply to it instead with what you do want and positivize it, and imagine bringing the thought out of your body and deep into the center of Mother Earth, where she will transform them into something positive. You are helping Earth by releasing these negative thoughts because they represent the lower energies that have been deteriorating our planet for eons.  Changes are occurring now in our planet and Universe, where it has been time for Mother Earth's cleanup and for the raising of her energies. This began around 2020. Because the vibrations of Earth's energies are raising, it is now crucial that we must raise our vibrations and energy levels in order to live comfortably, or else life will become difficult for us.

Remember to stop analyzing. And do not get down on your self when you make mistakes- always, always love yourself and nurture yourself. Make taking care of your needs a priority.  That includes taking a nap if you feel you need one...and without feeling guilty

Just before doing the Questionnaire, it is imperative that you do 
The Lord's Prayer and the Breathing Exercise.

These two tools will help to clear and neutralize your state for obtaining the optimum answers.
They will also help connect you to your higher Source.

Watch these videos and Read the important information on these pages:

1.  You can find The Lord's Prayer Here 👈👈

2.  You can find the Heart Breathing Exercise and more information on Releasing Thoughts and Emotions Here   👈👈

Say The Lord's Prayer & Do The Breath Exercise Before Filling Out  Form