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Vicki Mah

Are You Tired Of Life Going Nowhere ?

What To Expect After Session?

Are you Single and keep making the same wrong choice in partners, only attracting the ones who  use, abuse, and leave you?  Have you always felt different then others, always feeling alone? Are you unable to communicate and speak up for yourself? Do you have trouble with trusting and accepting... unable to believe that someone would love, commit, or support you? Are you afraid to deeply bond and unable to connect in relationships? Do you put a self protective wall around your heart, "for your own safety"? Is there an addiction that runs in your life? Have you tried everything but still can't get ahead in life?

Are you Co-Dependent, or at the opposite extreme?  Do you want your Life to be more at Peace?
Let Vicki Help You Transform! Subconscious Blocks are removed at it's root ! 

Together we will get to the root of your problem and with God's help, extract them out during the phone call.  It's that easy!  People have said it was "powerful", they "feel more grounded", and "they are no longer bothered with the problem they had".

What is being offered are phone sessions, plus other tools, for positive life changes to happen for you now.  This is an Easy, Simple & Fast process !

A questionnaire and tools will be sent to help you get you started.

Notice Immediate Improvements !!
Feel Better !!

Sessions are held over 'Zoom' and you will recieve recording to help you further as you listen to it often.
You will feel  immediately feel better during your session.

Text (916)613-7099  for current special price offer!

Isn't it time to grow, change, and improve your life?!

(Discounts may apply for low-income applicants. I would like this to be available to everyone.  
Please contact me to see if you qualify for a sliding scale discounted cost.)

Emotional problems are like knots in the body.  They reside in deep hidden layers and may require follow-up sessions to continue searching for and releasing additional deep blocks as they come to surface.

We can address any issues you have including health, emotional, anxiety, depression, headache, relationship, job, financial, and more.

*Full Money Back Guarantee should you not be happy for any reason.
*You must notify us at the time of or within an hour after your session.

This is not medical or psychological treatment or advice, nor a substitute for that. If you feel you have a medical or psychological condition, please see your doctor or call 911.*AdobeStock_485599789*jpeg?alt=media&token=87ee9fc4-b004-4ad6-9290-2a2bcf9cedf3

How It Works

These phone sessions are probably not like anything you have ever tried before, if you have ever attempted to seek therapy or help. The noticeable difference is the immediate resulting change that occurs in your life- it might be with what happens in your circumstances, or with people or opportunities that come to you.
You will be given information and exercises to help you- the more you participate in your journey, the greater your outcome will be.*1657225199942*1657192195536*12*svg?alt=media&token=96e98c49-7616-44cc-81fe-8bcd9e113396*1657225202501*1657192195529*9*svg?alt=media&token=180e2bc9-1525-4738-95a0-c9aadbf28606
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Phone Session
Help in your relationship and removing emotional attraction patterns

Current Changes Are Happening Now, with the Energies In Our Body's Composition and in also Our Planet's Energetic Composition.  This Might Be Causing Greater Distress With your Life as the Planet's 'Cleanup' Process to Raise Consciousness and Vibrations is Occurring.
Transform Your Life Now To Go With The Flow.  Don't Give Up !*AdobeStock_485599789*jpeg?alt=media&token=87ee9fc4-b004-4ad6-9290-2a2bcf9cedf3

Our Clients Say

" There was a sense of comfort and peace as Vicki completed a healing session with me. It was a shift from worry to comfort and I felt reassured that all was well . It was so profound!  The troubling feelings of worry and anxiety I was having started to dissipate. My perspectives and reassurance from within; I was more relaxed and rested in faith in the promise that all was well and handled. The  feeling of calmness and peace is something I will reflect upon and be reminded to release the stress during my daily life.

Meet Vicki Mah

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Repeating Patterns

It's difficult to get ahead in life when we keep attracting the same negative circumstances and patterns in our life. No matter what 'cleanup' work we've done on ourself, no matter what books we've read, how many therapists we've seen, how many classes we have attended- these problems, and more, still continue to repeat and show up.
This session can help with these repeating patterns.
  • Attracting "Predators"
  • Attracting "Codependent" types
  • Unable to attract Abundance 
  • Unable to maintain Wealth
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Unable to feel Joy 
  • Unable to be Happy
  • Not feeling Safe
  • Wanting to Control 
  • Being a "Pleaser"
  • Low Self Worth
  • Unable to Connect with others
  • Having trouble trying to stay away from a bad relationship?*AdobeStock_485599789*jpeg?alt=media&token=87ee9fc4-b004-4ad6-9290-2a2bcf9cedf3

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