How  To Create Peace, Joy, and Abundance In Your Life*how%20to%20have%20peace%20in%20life-meditate-breathe*jpg?alt=media&token=5084a200-2d9d-48df-9376-6f9b7613d252
Studies have shown that what we think- transmits to the brain, which then releases hormones into our body, which then  directs and changes things that occur in our physical world. 

I cannot stress how important it is for you to handle your thoughts, what you speak, and how you feel in order for you to have  peace and the life of your dreams.  

Stop Thinking and Stop Analyzing.

Set Intentions when you wake up and before you proceed in things for your best outcome
Make Statements in your mind and aloud to create what and how you want things to be in your world.
These are both simple actions but they are powerful and will create change for you.

Below are videos that discuss the scientific findings of mind and matter and how to control your thoughts and feelings.

Emotions are simply a 'choice'.
YOU decide whether you will be 'Happy' or 'Sad'. 

Your decision on how you choose to feel, will result in what you will attract, whether it be high or low energies and vibrations. It's always way more fun, and prosperous, to be in high level energies.

It is that simple.

It has always been YOUR choice.

Look at all thoughts, change your thought to how you would like it to be, then imagine that you release the thought out of your body into the center of Mother Earth.  Stop the analyzing and stop the thought engaging mind. Become neutral- just 'BE' . Have faith and trust that what you imagine and direct is real and will happen...because it really does happen. You are the Creator of your world.