Thank You- Keep Raising Your Vibes!

Congratulations for being active in changing and improving your life.  

It's wonderful that you are 'facing your demons' and being proactive in co-creating your new life, by releasing old blocks that are no longer are needed and that no longer serve you. 

"Self-work" is a life long process, and when done properly, will transform your life - so your life can continue to become happier and more joyful. 

Realize that life will always filled with 'peaks' and 'valleys'.  You will always face down times, as well as the up times.  We need these down times in order to help propel us even further to the top of our higher vibrations. These adversities can be called 'shadows' and 'shadows' are just as important to have in our lives as well as the 'good', blessed times.

So whenever you see that you are experiencing a 'slump' in life- be grateful for that.  Be grateful for the person who may be causing that agitation for you, because they are actually helping you to learn this lesson to overcome it and become even more your magnificent self! 

When a problem or trouble arises in life- stop and ask yourself- "what am I supposed to be learning from this lesson?" "What is this teaching me?" Notice that, if you are faithfully continuing to clear your thoughts and remain neutral in mind, that your answer, that 'whisper'- will come to you.

If you continue to analyze your thoughts and entertain the 'monkey mind' with constantly thinking and re-hashing thoughts- you will miss out on your wisdom speaking.  

Your wisdom and your intuition cannot speak to you... you cannot hear them if you are filled and entertained with your thoughts and thinking. 

So continue to watch your thoughts, change what it says to a positive statement, and then imagine placing them into the center of Mother Earth....and be done with it- never thinking about the thought, nor believing it.

With God, (or who you believe in), You are the Creator of everything that happens in your life, directed and followed through by your thoughts.

We are energetic beings and our thoughts are energy that create in our physical world.

Continue watching the YouTube videos of Brene Brown, Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, Rob Bell, and Bruce Lipton - which will enforce and support how thinking effects the world that you create. 

Notice how you spend your life 24/7 - the energetic being that you are melds, accepts, becomes the energies of what you give attention to, of who you hang around, of what you say, think or feel, and of what you do.

Become the 'Observer' throughout your life, including observing your actions and the results from it. 

Watch your vibration rise- watch how 'good' things appear in your life- when you cease and give up the low vibrational things in your life!   Low vibrational things can be people who partake in low vibes life or crutches or 'band aids' in your life such as sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, vapes that are used instead of removing the root of what is causing this "self medication" by doing self work. 

It's my belief that when your vibrations rise, you become closer to God and divinity, and so help for you becomes more efficiently and that guidance and "miracles" appear more often in your life. I've witnessed this happening in my own life. 

These "miracles" start becoming a normal way and part of life.